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Drivelines Northwest offers driveshaft repair and fabrication services for all types of vehicles, equipment, machinery and other applications utilizing universal joint type driveshaft.  Company wide we have seven different balancers that allow us to solve vibration issues on a wide variety of different types of driveshafts.

driveshaft repair shop

  • Spicer  Factory Authorized Service for all Spicer Life (O.E.M.), Spicer Lite(aluminum) and 10 series shafts

  • Meritor / Rockwell Factory Authorized Service.

  • Balancers from Rockwell, Axi-Line and Powertrain.

  • The Northwests largest Driveline only inventory.

  • Steel, Chrome Molly, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber shafts available

  • Cardan, Double Cardan and Constant Velocity U-Joints service available.  

  • Balancing from 100 to 4000 RPM

  • On Site Vibration troubleshooting and analysis.

  • Design and Engineering Services Available.



Since 1972 Drivelines Northwest has been warehousing the world's premium driveshaft component parts.  Our lines include several of the leading OEM and aftermarket parts manufacturers.  Our stocking inventory includes universal joints, all types of driveline yokes and attaching yokes as well as companion flanges, end yokes and hardware for installation. Our lines include:

Import shafts

Many import vehicles have "un-repairable" universal joints. We have a solution for nearly all of these. We offer same day shipping on most complete BMW and Mercedes Benz drivelines and can repair most other import shafts in one day. Our process includes universal joint or yoke replacement and balancing to factory specifications.

Your Local Driveshaft Repair Experts

Drivelines Northwest has been home to Washington State’s leading driveshaft repair specialists since 1973. We are continually investing in superior equipment, training, and product lines in order to offer our customers the highest quality driveshaft repair services available.  

If you are concerned about the state of your driveshaft and would like to schedule a checkup so that we can repair or replace it for you, please contact our shop today.