Racing Driveshaft


From formula racing to rallying and stock car racing, we provide quality driveshaft services for every kind of racing vehicle. We stock a massive inventory of driveshafts and are experts at custom racing driveshaft fabrication, maintenance, and repair.  

For all your driveshaft needs, contact Drivelines NW or stop by one of our service centers today. 

Racing Drive Shaft Experts Since 1973

Drivelines NW was founded in 1973 as Washington State’s very first driveline specialist. At a time when people were cobbling driveshafts together in junkyards, we pushed the industry forward by developing specialized equipment to fabricate and repair racing driveshafts.  

Since our opening day, we’ve maintained our commitment to supplying and manufacturing the best racing drive shafts in the Pacific Northwest.   

When it comes to ready-made products, we take pride in stocking our warehouse with some of the world’s leading performance driveshafts, universal joints, yokes, flanges, and more. Our inventory includes products from:  

  • Neapco Universal Joints

  • Svenska Uni-Cardan AB

  • GKN Driveline

  • Con-Vel

  • Elbe 

  • Weasler

  • Powertrain Industries

  • Dana

  • Hub City 

  • Lovejoy 

  • Rockford Drive Line

  • And more!  

Whether you’re racing cars, boats, trucks, 4x4s, or any other vehicle, Driveline NW can provide you with race balancing and the parts needed to help you surge past the competition. 

Custom Performance Driveshaft Fabrication 

Need a custom performance driveshaft? Our decades of experience enable us to custom fabricate robust racing driveshafts that stand the test of time and take your vehicle to victory.  

We’ve invested in specialized technology and have even developed some of our own equipment to ensure that we can custom manufacture high-quality driveshafts for your racing vehicle. For example, our high-tech digital balancers allow us to balance performance driveshafts of four or more pieces at the same time.  

We can custom manufacture your racing driveshaft from steel, aluminum, Chromoly, and carbon fiber and also provide specialized engineering and design services to make sure we deliver the optimal driveline for your racing vehicle. 

Racing Driveshaft Repair 

Is your driveshaft giving you trouble? If you’re looking for repair services for performance driveshafts, give us a call. Most of our technicians have been working on racing driveshafts for over 25 years and will have you fixed up and back on the track in no time. 

How to Know if Your Racing Drive Shaft Needs Replacing or Repair

Not sure if you need a new driveshaft yet? Of course, the best thing to do if you suspect a problem is to contact us so that we can accurately diagnose the problem with our on-site vibration and troubleshooting service. But in the meantime, here are three indicators that your performance driveshaft needs repair or replacement:  

  • Unusual vibrations are coming from beneath your vehicle 

  • Your racing vehicle has started making knocking noises

  • The vehicle shudders when you accelerate

To keep your vehicle in top condition and to ensure you stay on top of the competition, contact Drivelines NW if your driveshaft needs to be serviced, repaired, or replaced. 

As Washington State’s leading and oldest driveshaft specialists, we’d be proud to help you speed to victory. Contact us today and let’s get your vehicle back on the road.