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All 4x4 Trucks and SUV’s can develop driveline issues. Many 4X4’s have modified suspension and oversized tires adding to the stress and strain on the drivelines. Lifted trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles often have excessive universal joint angles which add another strain on the shafts.

The driveshaft is part of the drivetrain — a series of parts in your vehicle that is responsible for providing power to the wheels so that your vehicle can drive. If your driveshaft is in need of repair, you may begin noticing issues with your vehicle that you hadn’t noticed before. 

Continue reading to learn how to tell if your 4x4 driveshaft needs replacing or shop our online store to find a replacement driveshaft today. 

How to Know if Your Driveshaft is Bad

Here are five ways that you can know your driveshaft is bad or need repairing.

  • Vibrations seem to be coming from beneath your 4x4
    - These can be mechanical vibrations or something you feel
    - These can be audible vibrations or something you hear.

These vibrations can change with speed and or become more apparent when accelerating and decelerating. Remember the driveline speed is set by tire size, gear ratio, and the speed you are traveling. It does not change with the RPM of the engine, but with the speed of the vehicle regardless of what gear the transmission is in.

Driveline vibrations on trucks that are lifted can often be felt at low speeds due to incorrect or exaggerated driveline angles caused by the vehicle lift 

To ensure that your light truck is roadworthy and safe, it’s important to investigate potential driveshaft issues. If you’ve encountered one or more of these issues recently you should call us and schedule an appointment to have your driveshaft inspected by our driveshaft specialists. 

Make an appointment with a custom driveshaft specialist if you suspect that your driveshaft needs repair or replacement. Don’t wait until your truck encounters a serious or dangerous issue before taking it in. Ignoring these issues can cause costly damage to the driveshaft or other drivetrain components.

Our Custom 4x4 Driveshafts

Here at Drivelines NW, our 4x4 custom driveshaft specialists are able to fabricate custom driveshafts for your SUV, truck, jeep, or other off-road vehicles. Our driveshaft shop is fitted out with all of the materials and equipment needed to create custom driveshafts for your 4x4 including a full line of transfer case and differential yokes as well as universal joints and center bearings.

If you have any questions or would like to have a custom 4x4 driveshaft fabricated ir repaired, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Drivelines NW has expanded to three different locations and companywide possesses seven balancers. These balancers enable us to service a wide range of different types of driveshafts and get vehicles up and running in a minimal timeframe. 

Contact Drivelines NW To Learn More About Our 4x4 Custom Driveshafts

Here at Drivelines NW, we’ve been offering custom driveshaft repairs and fabrication services since 1973. Our drive shaft specialists want to ensure that all light trucks and 4x4 vehicles get the maintenance and repair services that they need. 

Our trusted team of custom driveshaft specialists can repair your light truck’s issues or build custom parts for your 4x4. Drivelines NW has a skilled and trained team of enthusiasts that won’t rest until your light truck is running how it’s supposed to.

Whether you’re aware of the issue your light truck is facing or you need a drive shaft specialist to diagnose the issue, give Drivelines NW a call or contact us today. We’d be happy to schedule a time for you to bring your 4x4 truck into our shop so that we can get it back to normal.