semi drive shaft

Commercial and fleet trucks are used and abused. It is not uncommon to see these trucks with well over a million miles on the odometer. Over time components wear and these trucks can develop some pretty bad vibrations. Because of the weight of the driveshafts and the fact that there are often multiple-piece driveshafts vibrations can be difficult to diagnose. Many times the driver complains that the vibration shakes the entire truck, other times it is as simple as having the image in the rearview mirror become blurry at some speeds. Either way, these vibrations are annoying and can cause driver fatigue. Over time they can lead to dangerous component failure, accidents, and or downtime.

Continue reading to learn about the heavy-duty driveshaft services offered here at Driveline NW or contact us today to schedule a repair. 

Semi Truck Drive Shaft for Sale & Repair Services

At Driveline NW, we have a highly trained team of driveshaft technicians that can troubleshoot and repair semi-truck driveshafts. We also offer 24-hour emergency semi drive shaft repairs to help you minimize downtime and keep your trucks moving.

Our three driveshaft repair shops are equipped with a full line of parts and machinery to get your heavy-duty truck roadworthy in no time. We only stock the highest quality component parts backed by OEM manufacturers such as Meritor and Spicer and come with full warranties. 

If you are looking for a high-quality semi-truck driveshaft provider or repair service, contact the pros at Driveline NW today

New Driveshaft For Your Semi Truck

Here are some common indicators that it’s time to have your heavy-duty driveshaft repaired or replaced.

  • Unusual noise. You might hear a squeaking, clunking, or rattling noise that gradually gets louder as you increase the speed of your truck. Driveline noises are usually indications of worn-out splines or slip joints, loose or damaged universal joints, or center bearings.

  • Vibration. 

  • You might notice that your truck vibrates. It is time to call the experts at Drivelines NW. We can inspect, repair, and balance any driveline. 

Because heavy-duty trucks are often the biggest vehicles on the roads, it’s essential that every part of the driveshaft is working optimally. It’s the responsibility of owners and drivers to make sure that their vehicles are kept in good condition and roadworthy.

If you’ve noticed some of the above-mentioned issues with your heavy-duty truck, visit Drivelines NW. We have a trained team of semi-truck driveshaft experts that’s ready to help assess, repair, or replace your truck’s driveshaft.

Our Semi Truck Driveshaft Repair Specialists

Our driveshaft technicians strive to be the answer to your semi-truck driveshaft issues. With three different locations in Washington State, our team of heavy-duty truck experts is ready to lend you a hand and ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy. 

We offer fabrication, replacement, and 24-hour emergency repair services for heavy-duty trucks. Our equipment and a wide range of parts and equipment enable us to work on a vast range of heavy-duty trucks. 

Our team is ready and capable to handle almost any driveshaft issue you might be facing. Whether it’s been a while since you had your semi-truck’s driveshaft serviced or you’ve been experiencing driving issues related to driveshaft failure, contact Driveline NW today. 

We’d be happy to schedule you in and have a look at your heavy-duty truck to make sure that everything is running optimally.