Drivelines Northwest was founded on January 1, 1973.  At that time there were no driveline specialists in the state and in most driveshafts were being cobbled together in the back of junkyards.  Dave Lee's vision was to either buy or develop specialized equipment and inventories to manufacturer or rebuild driveshafts.  Relationships were quickly formed with several established parts manufacturing companies.  Our initial equipment was based on several lathes that came from a decommissioned battleship out of Bremerton.  Our balancing equipment was assembled on top of one of the lathe beds we purchased and is still in operation today.

Since our first store in Seattle could not fill the needs of the Puget Sound we opened our store in Fife in 1978, and our store in Everett in 1987. Our staffing varies between 15 and 25 people and never in her company's 40 year history has it been necessary to layoff employees during slow times.  Many of our employees have worked for us for 25 or more years.

We are continually expanding our product lines and our equipment to better suit the needs of our customers. Most recently we have added three new digital balancers.  currently we have seven balancers and are cretain that we can balance any driveshaft.  Our Fife store has the capability of balancing a driveshaft with four or more pieces as one unit, saving time and maintaining a higher quality standard.  Our Everett store specializes in aluminum driveshafts, and CV joints.  Our Seattle store has specialists in Marine, industrial and agricultural driveshafts. 

In the future we will strive to always exceed our customers expectations and fill their needs rapidly and completely.