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CVB 05.10

The Aquadrive CVB05.10 is rated for sailing applications up to 45 HP, using a 2.6:1 gear box and 3800 rpm engine.  In a displacement motorboat, a 3.0:1 gearbox and a 2600 rpm engine.  All ratings are aproximate, and based on a CV Joint operating angle of 4 degrees per each cv joint.  We will provide a b10 lifespan calculation, please use the following link to the technical information sheet.  

CV 05 Shaft


86mm od, and 130mm installed length CV Shaft Only

Bace Bearing Kit

6110000 Thrust Bearing Base Unit

This is a base bearing only. It comes with the Bearing Housing, Bearing kit with races and seals, and a new set of bushnigs and mounting bolts. If ordering see related parts for CV adapters and Shaft Sleve Kits.

6116011 cv adapter kit

connector plater from CV05 shaft, to B10 Base Thrust Bearing comes with hardware kit.

6111012 3/4" sleeve kit for B10 thrust bearing

this is a 3/4" sleeve kit for a B10 thrust bearing.