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Marine and Industrial

Whether you use your application is for recreational or business purposes, you owe it to yourself to try out the smoothest, quietest, most vibration free driveline on the market: We offer drivelie packages from GKN Aquadrive, Elbe and Spicer for all tyes of Marine and Industrial applications.  Please have a look at our capabilities and feel free to contact our sales staff with any questions.  

The Aquadrive® anti-vibration system eliminates the need for stiff, hard mounts and for careful engine alignment to the propeller shaft. Instead, the propeller shaft is aligned to an Aquadrive® thrust bearing which absorbs all the propeller thrust and stabilizes the alignment. CV-joint shafts transmit engine power to the thrust-bearing and propeller shaft while allowing engine movements in every direction. Super-soft Aquadrive® engine-mounts isolate nearly all vibration from the hull and create the necessay conditions for a smooth and quiet boat.


There are a great many marine applications where universal joint driveshafts are used.  Often driveshafts are used for propulsion and installed between the engine and gearbox, or between the engine and jet pump / stern drive.  Common applications also include Power Take Off (PTO) shafts, bow thrusters, winches and product orwater pumps. 

Our CV Drivelines can handle a wide range or torque capacities.  These shaft are perfect for applications where space is ight, and angles are difficult.  Please have a look at our specifications below.